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when was vacationing in goa, a couple of months back, i had a few hours to spare before catching the bus back the last day. while saying goodbye to a friend and waiting for another who was busy buying his bottle of fenni, i saw this really derelict house just around the bend and took a couple of shots. this is one of them. what attracted my attention to the house in particular was this wall. i've posted another version of the house before, to see it click here. this looks like a cropped version but is infact another shot. i liked the wall so much, i thought id take a shot that showed just that. the house is about 10 minutes away from the shore, if you walk. today when i saw this picture, while trying to decide what to post, what came to mind is a few lines from Seth.

Here all attempt in life appears
Irrelevant. The erosive years
That build the moon and the rock and tree
Speak of a sweet futility
And say that we who are from birth
Caressed by unimpulsive earth
Should yield our fever to the trees,
The seaward light and the resined breeze.


I prefer this version to the first... The angle's much better on this... at least to my eyes.. Nice one
thank you :)
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