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          ♣ a house i saw in panjim ♣

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Indoors the tang of a tiny oil lamp. Outdoors
The winking signal on the waste of sea.
Indoors the sound of the wind. Outdoors the wind.
Indoors the locked heart and the lost key.

Outdoors the chill, the void, the siren. Indoors
The strong man pained to find his red blood cools,
While the blind clock grows louder, faster. Outdoors
The silent moon, the garrulous tides she rules.

Indoors ancestral curse-cum-blessing. Outdoors
The empty bowl of heaven, the empty deep.
Indoors a purposeful man who talks at cross
Purposes, to himself, in a broken sleep.

~ Louis MacNeice


My be house points to a couple living inside. And the picture might tell that one person is more open and other is not opening their/his/her heart. Showing some misunderstanding b/w the couples. I just see this picture in that point of view. But the picture is good with ample lighing.
Buildings above the leafless trees
Loom high as castles in a dream,

While one by one the lamps come out
To thread the twilight with a gleam.

There is no sign of leaf or bud,
A hush is over everything--

Silent as women wait for love,
The world is waiting for the spring.

Every picture has a story, story thought by the one behind the lens, story thought by the admirer of the picture.

I love the contrast you bring with the poem of your choice for this picture.

Just a matter of your belief, glass is half empty or glass if half full.

cheers i liked what you have done here...!
thanks hemal, yes its always how you look at it :)
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