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paths they say are made by walking, this is one i used to tread every morning, a grief ago.

Nothing I cared, in the lamb white days, that time would take me
Up to the swallow thronged loft by the shadow of my hand,
In the moon that is always rising,
Nor that riding to sleep
I should hear him fly with the high fields
And wake to the farm forever fled from the childless land.
Oh as I was young and easy in the mercy of his means,
Time held me green and dying
Though I sang in my chains like the sea.

-- Dylan Thomas


I take a path thats sometime taken by others, by the time, the path gets littered with their dirt. Still Iam afaid to take new path, to avoid these litters, because, i dont know what the new path will end up in or bring me in.
All I can say, you are too good in words and the words from Dylan Thomas melted my heart. A right selection of word at right place,time and for the image.

By the way, I like the contrast ,colors and lighting in the image.

Thanks for your wishes!
thanks suresh, that poem is a personal favourite and i guess i resort to quoting when i cant think of the right words myself or when someone has already said it so beautifully :)


i think i understand your reluctance to walk a new path that you havent taken before but personally id rather try a new path just to see if i can avoid the litter on the one that im presently walking on. moreover if you dont try a new path could you ever find out what you might be missing? because as they say one path leads to the other and you might never come back to try the one you arent .. take care..
Love the exposure on this one.

On the topic... A path is just that and we all have our minds made up for us. So the path I choose has a lot to do with a lot of external influences. Either way, I think we choose the one we do based on that and what we think we want.
-think- you want, how do you know you dont want the other if you havent tried at all was my point :P
You never do. That's my point. Once you take one, you ' ll never find the second the same way. Ive always professed the benefits of trying coke and pepsi before making up your mind haven't I? What I do realize, is that the problem is that life is not a bottled drink. If it were no two bottles would ever taste the same.
lets discuss this offline :P i know what turn these discussions take :)
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