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from the archives again because my cam is still yet to be fixed. a slightly belated happy new year to everyone :). another reason for the lack of updates is that, i dont think i have been quite this busy with work before, its proverbially keeping me on my toes.

by no means a great shot i think the reason i picked this one out of the rest right now is because i liked the whiteness in it. tell me what you think, like it? hate it??


The contrast is really awesome infact as u pointed out about the whiteness this has got an erry stillness to it i would say standing itself out silently potraying a natural enigma of the afternoon sun....
this photograph seems...
infact its more of a paint brush with a lot of details thrown in
very surreal. as if i've landed on another planet inhabited by inquisite and highly contrasty cows.
Reminds me of a now defunct brand of black & white film called Indu (believe it!) which had very poor contrast range but always gave me washed out whites which I loved!

Night Shyamalan would love the shot methinks... ;)
thanks guys, appreciate what you said.

thats a very nice compliment sahil :) thankie
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