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          ♣ roads not taken ♣

some how this picture reminds me of this ...

there was a road ran past our house
too lovely to explore.
i asked my mother once -- she said
that if you followed where it led
it brought you to the milk-man's door.
(that's why i have not travelled more.)

and there's truth in that as a certain mr hein suggests...

our so-called limitations, i believe,
apply to faculties we don't apply.
we don't discover what we can't achieve
until we make an effort not to try.

just telling myself that there's nothing that cannot be done if you want it enough. so much has happened lately that i've begun to doubt what i once was sure of. we dont discover what we can't achieve until we dont try :)


a high contrast picture!
hi kalyan :) yeah i upped the contrast, kinda liked the dreamy look :)
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