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they say we are all connected by six degrees of seperation. i find that a comforting thought. just imagine if we could just find the right people we could be connected to anyone on earth. i could find quite suddenly that i know someone who knows someone who knows hmm, johnny depp!! how nice would -that- be?

then again i sometimes wonder about the ones that need no apparent connection. the ones we dont need to -search- for, the links that are there. would we still somehow have met, had the circumstances been just a little different, would we still share lives? everything these days seems so possible and yet somehow just out of reach.


Green is my favorite color. Good shot!

Nice color.
Excellent color and composition!

Hey Ritu...that's alot of philosophy...;)
BTW I would also like to know THAT someone who knows someone who knows johnny depp...:) And you have a great image here.
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