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          ♣ the spotted lady ♣

In small proportions we just beauties see;
And in short measures life may perfect be.

if there is a bug that i could say i like to see it would be the ladybug. its the cutest thing, and people say they bring luck, i wonder if that could be true.


Welcome back.... Feeling better?
Great Shot
@ani -- thanks, not a lot better but getting by, weakness persists :)

@maaya -- thanks for dropping by maaya, i have a friend named maya and initially i thought you were her :)
Lovely shot!
Love the red-yellow contrast in here...
Wow - such a cool shot!
The depth of field is right-on and all your attention is put on the ladybug. Way to go!
what a lovely capture .. the lady bug looks soo awesomee .. did it rain?
thanks joel :)

nabeel, i was in kerela when i took the shot, it rains a lot there :). thanks for dropping in :)
hola preciosa fotografia un saludo
I know ... lady bug is cute. My daughter loves it too. Get well soon.
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