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Sorry about the lack of updates lately. Work has been keeping me on my toes.

Had gone for a trip to a nature resort with friends from office, and this is one of the shots from there. Those are round boats, more popularly called corricles, you see overturned there. Its made of bamboo, with a tarpulin sheet woven around the outside. Its very difficult to manuever those boats as you can imagine. There is nothing in there to sit on except for a little stool which the boatman sits on with the paddle. We took a ride on one of these on the river kauveri, most of where we took the ride was about 60 feet deep and all along there were very strong currents. I wont say I didnt enjoy it but my heartbeat certainly was higher than normal throughout the ride :)


Hey... That would make a cool picnic spot too don't ya think? I like how the light makes the bike look on this one.
yeah it is a picnic spot of sorts. i wanna go to shillong though :(
Ummm I meant under the boats :-)
aahh.. so they are boats.. i figured they were scary to sit in n steer
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