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"But why is the rum gone?". Why indeed !

Because I lahove Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow. Seen 'Dead Man's chest' anyone? If yes, can we hope for a review?

Picture taken off one of the promotional flyers I found in a DVD case.


At the risk of sounding extremely gay- methinks depp is uber-hot!
yes yes me thinks the same :D
OH My, where to even start I went like an idot the opening night...But I laughed so hard i nearly fell from my theater seat. Wonderful story, plot..and we can not forget about the characters...the ending..well I cant wait for the third....if you havent seen it yet...GO.....!
yeah here the theaters are running house full :( i cant get me no tickets, but thanks for the review cry. i sooo wanna go watch :) and thanks for visiting.
Bottles of rum are everywhere, but the ho-ho-hos are in short supply in Gore Verbinski's second voyage. This sequel is appropriately named, because that's what you'll be staring at for nearly half the movie: dead men's chests :)
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