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Because i need to get better at this. Tell me what you think.


What works well in this shot is that you've gone in close. You often see shots of people where the person is rather small in the whole frame, which frequently doesn't have as much impact. Of course this isn't a hard and fast rule, just a "rule of thumb" to an extent. There are many instances when getting the whole person in the frame is what the shot calls for. But for portraits, this is good.

His left hand is obscuring his mouth a bit, and kind of gets in the way. The exposure is quite good, particularly on the eyes, although his left ear is what's called "blown out." That is, the highlights are blown out, leaving no detail.

Ultimately, of course, the secret behind a good portrait is capturing something significant in the person's expression. Something deep. It doesn't have to be serious, but a good portrait is always compelling.

Bet ya didn't expect such a long comment! ;)
>Bet ya didn't expect such a long comment! ;)

I loved it, thanks for taking the time out to leave one in such detail :).

His left hand is obscuring his mouth because he was smoking a hookah actually, thats where hes holding the pipe, but i see your point. Im trying to get pointers on how to get my portrait shots to look better so this helps a lot, thanks :)
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