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His pictures always come out nicer :) and im still waiting for him to put up his goa shots. Where be them? This is a reminder :)

Both of us were in a lot of water trying to shoot the egrets. Mine was pretty much ruined because i dont have very high digital zoom on my cam, and, well i couldnt go in very deep into the water, it was almost waist high where i stood. Thats gonna be my official excuse ;)


I'm thinking 'Canoe' buddy.
Cheerio from Canada!
heh yeah that too, thanks for visiting :)
Had a good time in goa?
Who's this guy an official photogrphr.?
I feel this is a rare photo!! capturing a photographer when he is deeply concentrating on his subject...
This guy, is a very dear friend and hes a terrific photographer if not an official one :)

and yes i had a really nice time in goa.

this you bharati?
hey vishwas nice to see you here :)
You've gotta do whatever it takes to get the shot :-)
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