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There is nothing great about it but for some reason i really like this picture. Do you?
This was taken using the camera on the Nokia 6600.


just chanced upon your site from sahil's myopic endeavour.

this is fun. toes in a delicious sea of green clovers(?).

my only complaint is that image quality suffers. almost looks like what a phone cam would produce.

nonetheless, very fun. how convenient to have something entertaining to look at at the bottom of your legs. ;)
thanks :) i was playing with the phone cam and couldnt resist taking this, the image quality as you say isnt that great but i still liked the sea of clovers at my feet. they were actually came up to my ankles.
Ooh. Ooh!! I think I see a four-leafed one. Lucky you!!
oh do you? well then i hope it will spell lucky for me, i could do with a bit of that and thanks for visiting :)
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