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Which one looks better?


I like the first one (on the left). It shows better depth of objects. Gives more feel of the situation. :) In the second one, all details of boat are lost.
Good work!
Nice shot ritu. I also prefer the first one. One suggestion, could you please crop the bottom little bit on this picture.
The one on the left for sure. You were saving this one were you?
I also prefer the color version. For what it's worth, here's my 2 cents on image size: try to post images no larger than, say, 200 kb...or better yet 100 kb. Of course, you don't want to sacrifice quality, but you'd be surprised how much quality you can retain while down sizing images. The up side is visitors won't have to wait too long for the images to load. Hmmm. Maybe that was more than 2 cents, eh?

Thanks, i didnt realize you had to wait a long time for the photos to load, it takes a second for me at work and a little more than that at home, since broadband in india is very unreliable i thought that was the slowest it could get :). I'll try out your suggestion though.


Nope not saving it, just skipped it till now un-intentionally :)
The one on the left. More detail, more life.

Two things, though.

First- I agree with George completely. Broadband or no broadband, try and keep your file sizes to a minimum. Between a 100kB and 200kB is usually more than enough, in my opinion, without sacrificing too much in terms of 'perceivable' image quality. Optimise, optimise, optimise- thats the mantra. :)

Second- I know this one's probably on maximum zoom, and then a crop of that, maybe. But a lot of your snaps have one of two recurring problems- blown out highlights or poor contrast. Maybe its just a question of fiddling around and optimising your camera settings so you get the crispest, sharpest shots. But its something worth doing, methinks...

Cheers. And buzz me when you're online (even if it shows I'm busy)...
Sahil, yes i'll try optimising :) and you are right it was on max zoom, but no crop , its here just the way it was taken. and ive come to realize that for most of the photos where you've said the highlights are blown out or theres poor contrast its usually been on max zoom. Im not sure what i can do about that. Tell me what i can try.

And i buzzed but you got busy ;)
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