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Its been brought to my notice that my blog has been rather devoid of colour for the last couple of posts. So heres one that is so vividly green you cant miss it :)

I was in Orange County couple of weeks back. Its one of the nicest resorts ive visited. Nestled in the heart of big plantations, with the river kauveri flowing through it, its peaceful, calm, quiet and green as far as your eyes can see. This is a shot of the cottages there. I stayed in one of those. If you are in Karnataka, and want to visit a resort this place would be my suggestion. It -is- a tad expensive, but worth it, in my humble opinion. The roads leading there are another story however.


Ah, so green - it makes my heart ache for such beauty.
Yeah its a very nice place. You should visit it given a chance :)
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