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The Tipu Sultan summer palace in Shrirangapatna is the most unpicturesque palace i have ever visited. It has nothing worth looking at, and I mean it when i say nothing. Right now its falling to ruins, absolutely no care invested either in renovation or maintainence. I cant imagine having tea there, much less imagine royalty having lived there once. Must have looked different during Tipu's rule. The only thing worth looking at if you happen to visit it, is the lovely tree lined boulevard leading to the fort gates.


I too have been there several times and its state is indeed disturbing. However, I did like the expansive garden in front of the palace which was obviously in a far better shape than the palace itself.
Oh I was there two days back and believe me the gardens are in no better condition now. They really should do something about maintainence.
I totally totally love this picture :P
thanks :)
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